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Price List

Minor repair (Watermarks - Red eye reduction - Dust spots and more) Starting at:

$30.00* (USA)

Medium restoration (Spots - Rips - Cracks - Tears with minor missing areas) Starting at:

$45.00* (USA)

Large Area Restoration (Rips - Creases - Tears of medium size) Starting at:

$60.00* (USA)

Facial repairs or anything larger, call for a quote. 

* Included in the cost your choice of:

2 - 5 X 7 Prints OR 1 - 8 X 10 Print
Originals are returned with prints.

Cost does not include Shipping and Handling

Phototec is NOT, in anyway responsible for loss or damage to original photos during shipment.  We take care of your originals when they are in our possession, but we cannot guarantee their safety while being shipped.  Phototec reserves the right to change prices without notice. Quotes are gladly given.  Once the price has been quoted, Phototec guarantees this price for 30 days from date of quote.

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This page last updated 03/03/01