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A Quality Restoration Service -

Phototec Photo Restorations is your answer to restoring your old photos that have faded and deteriorated.  Phototec Photo Restorations uses state of the art computer equipment to scan in your pictures or document.  Depending on what your photo needs are, using the latest technology and software we can fix, repair, or enhance your pictures or documents.  Your photographs can once again look new.  Your old time pictures can look like the original photo.  We can fix, repair, or enhance most any type of photo.  

Colorize Those Black and White Photos Today!


Don't let those old photos waste away!  Restore them now with state of the art computer technology. We can:

  • Remove Red Eye

  • Fix Cracked Photos

  • Mend Tears

  • Enhance Faded Oldies

Let Phototec Photo Restorations take a look at your photo and see what we can do for you.  You can rest assured that the best care and handling will be used in the restoration process of your photo.  

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Phototec Photo Restorations

Phototec Photo Restorations

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