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Instructions To Request Services

To request Phototec Photo Restorations services, choose an option below:

In most cases, a true estimate for services can not be given without looking at your photo first.  That means that we would have to have the original or copy of your photo so we can look at it and discern what the cost of repair would be. 

For instructions on how to get your photo to us, please review each of the options that would benefit you the most.


Mailing Address

To take care of your photo or document in the best possible way while mailing, place your photo or document in between 2 pieces of cardboard.  Put into a proper size manila envelope and seal. 

Mail to:

Phototec Photo Restorations

511 Crescent Ave
Highland, NY 12528


If you should happen to have your photo or document scanned into your computer or on disk, you can email your photo to us.  Simply create a new message and place your photo's file name into the attachments and write us a brief description of what you want done to your photo.

Email to:

Contact Form

Contact us through using this form.  Simply provide the information requested and we will get back with you.


Mailing Address

Phone Number
(Include area code, no spaces or hyphens allowed)