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Phototec Photo Restorations

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Photo Restorations
511 Crescent Ave
Highland, NY 12528


Welcome to Phototec Photo Restorations!  You have begun the first step to quality, dependability, and affordability for your restoration needs. Are you in need of colorization, enhancements, repairs of torn or cracked pictures, and/or restoration of old pictures?  Then explore our site to see what we can do for you.

About Us

Phototec Photo Restorations is a small family owned business that has been bringing quality restorations to the public since 1999.  We are located in Upstate New York in the Unites States of America and have the most modern computerized enhancement software available to do most any type of restorations.

Our Objective

Our goal is to bring dependable service and quality workmanship to you the consumer.  We cannot make promises of "Miracle Work", but we do provide honest answers on whether or not a restoration can be done.  We want you to be relaxed in doing business with us.  We want you to decide for yourself, that you have found a trustworthy, reasonable, dependable, and affordable company that is in the business to serve you.

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